June 2015

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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Honey i'm home.....

Ok, sorry so i haven't posted in ages...
*insert numerous excuses here*

I have decided to have a crack at Jacobean embroidery. (Or at least MY interpretation of Jacobean embroidery) I just love some of the funky filling stitches and unrealistic nature of the work. I have talked about this is some of my earlier posts.

Have ordered lots of thread from my favourite wool supplier *Renaissance dyeing*

And downloaded lots of patterns:

Then i had a play at putting them in a semi Jacobean patterns based around the "tree of life" complete with squirrel... :-)

Excuse the rough lines, i havn't finished this yet.
I haven't tried to totally copy a jacobean design, i can do that later, i just wanted to have fun with the stitches and see how i go.

This will be my first time working with wool thread, and my first time doing anything other than split stitch work.

Hopefully my threads will arrive before i lose enthusiasm.


Robin said...

How cool! I can'at wait to see your finished piece!

Elmsley Rose said...

Welcome back!

Constance said...

Thanks :-)

Lets hope i can get this started.

Just waiting for my delivery of threads.