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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Ipswich Flooding

For those that emailed wanting the picture of the flood waters up at out flat... here they are...

I don't have a really good before and after sorry.

This is in South Ipsiwch QLD, which is now being battered by a category 5 storm in the north.

We are not affected here.

This is the link to before photos of the buildings we were in!! [CLICKY]

MY building where the water came to just under the second story

After QLD floods of 2011

Middle of Ipswich Flooding Jan 2011- My building
Some of our shoes

sign reads keep kitchen tidy - Hole in wall is where fridge ripped out

Aren't i a great house keeper

yes the cleaning product ended up on TOP of the door frame
what it looks like now - just a smidge bare no? lol

My place is the back building there sort of in the middle.

Can you spot where the pool is....:-) it isn't there... neither is the gazebo or the community center or the office.

To think the creek out the back is so small a 5 year old could jump across it... will send some more pictures soon

All out thoughts to those in NORTH QLD, who are now facing cyclone Yasi!!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Great Historic Embroidery Pattern Link

Great Historic Embroidery Pattern Link

check it out for historic embroidery patterns

gotta dash