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Saturday, 30 October 2010

Interesting Australian Store Selling Silk Thread

Ok i know i don't post embroidery thread links in here and i know i said i was busy working... but i have found a great little store in melbourne (aussie) that is selling silk threads (look under products). I haven't tried them but the pictures look totally beautiful!! They only do wholesale though (although whole sale seems to be a box of 9)

anyway have a look if you are interested.

anyway back to work.

Medieval painting example

Good morning everyone.

Whilst i have exams this weekend (yes this weekend) and a 40% assignment due Monday and havn't done anything creative. I would like to show you a link from someone who has. I read a Blog called Medieval Arts and Crafts where the Author is creating a replica paining of a lat 15th Century woman. It is one of my favorite paintings.

byeee for now, back much more religiously in a couple of days. Then i can get stuck back into my work. I have now technically finished the theory part of my degree. Now just down to prac prac and prac.... (and the exams of course)

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Muchos Appologies

Hi guys,

Yes i am still alive.... just final semester of my degree... been a little busy.

Should be about a bit more in a couple of weeks.

sorry for those people that assume i am subbing them.... i'm not i promise :-)

current project is a quilted camera case with medieval pictures on it.

Fabric is linen with wool lining.
Thread just embroidery cotton on one side (pearl cotton on other as experiment)

 Here is my FANTASTIC light box creation :-)

Here is the first side of embroidery (just in cotton thread)

Here is what they looked like before i started to embroider


This is a coaster i made for a friend... :-)