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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Yet more threads

YAH... My last lot of Renaissance Dyeing Threads came in the mail today. I am very happy. Unfortunately as i am trying to study i didn't have more than an hour (ok it was two) to play with them.

They work really smoothly. they are really really easy to stitch with if the thread is doubled, but i prefer the effect if they are single. So far they are really consistent in their stitching with no real "stretching" and "thinning" and i havn't actually broken a thread yet, (came close when the phone rang though)

 As you can see they threw in a couple of "bits and bobs" (see the little bits at the top) as well which was really nice of them.

I also unwound some of my silks and rayons from bobins and hung them up to "defrizz" you can see the ones on the left have been treated by the good ole kettle steam and the ones on the right have not. I obviously havn't had enough tea today.

Then as a fellow embroiderer had given me some advice on my stitching i set to trying to turn my satin stitch into something respectable.
This if you remember was my first attempt ever at satin stitch. The thread is wool and it is padded underneath. As you can see it is rather bumpy.

 Here is my next attempt. It is starting to look better. I don't know if i like the varigated on this flower, it was my new thread and i just wanted to try it. However, i think the lines are somewhat neater.
Following that i tried a pattern over the top to see if i could make that stick in the lines.

There is a bumpy bit on the side of the circle on the right (The phone rang and i tried to pull the stitch through and buggered the back) if this was a proper piece and not a trial i guess i would be re-doing that. It looks worse from the other side too...

While it still needs more focus i think it is looking better :-)

In the meanwhile i ordered some beads and pearls today to make up a Paternoster. I love this site has some awesome stuff.

Will see of i can get some more done tonight.


Racaire said...

I love to work with this threads :)
Wish you a lot of fun :D

Kathy said...

I love the photo of the silk hanging from the shower! I did the same thing but in my kitchen from the cupboard door handles with my new silk.

Glad you finally got your Renaissance thread! It is soooooooo wonderful!

Recently my blog has undergone a spring makeover which included moving from blogger to wordpress. Unfortunately, that means that all my loyal and supportive followers from the old blogger site didn't transfer. I miss you and would love to hear from you again. On the new site there is a place to "subscribe" to theunbrokenthread. If you were a follower before and would like to continue, please visit me on the web at the same url ( and subscribe.
Thank you and happy stitching!

Constance said...

Thanks have updated my bookmarks :-)

Best way to de tangle silks :-) works a treat:-)

Yes very happy with my thread, now i want to turn around and order some more!! what shall i do. I shall have to win lotto if i keep my thread buying up...what a shame...

thanks again

Gracie Martin, aka paternosterladies said...

Hi Constance! Grace here, from Paternoster Ladies. I happened to run across your blog as I was sewing up a new dress for Pennsic, and found your complement of my blog. I have not been keeping up with it the way I should, and I hope to get back to it at the end of the summer. In the meantime, you can check out pictures of my paternosters at, or and search for paternosterladies.

Let me know if you need any tips on that Paternoster!

Grace Martin