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Monday, 21 April 2008

The "Finished" band

Well as you can see i have finished the "band"
Now i just have to decide what i am going to do with it. It was only a tester to see how it would turn out, But it don't want to "waste" it by not using on something.
Any Suggestions???

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

renaissance dyeing

Thanks to Renaissance Dyeing for such quick delivery of my new threads. They are in France and i am in Australia and my thread arrived in 4 working days. (6 if you include the weekend).

Not only have they arrived quickly but they are beautifully soft and the colours look wonderful.

These are the colours i got, resting on my new navy blue 100% wool i got for $9 a meter at my local fabric store. I was doing a bank run at work, nearly got knocked over by a hoon on a bike turned around to abuse him and there in the distance i saw the words ...."Fabric...." being new to the area i ran there, regardless of the whole "should be at work thing" and found my wool.

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Some more research on Bands

Well i kept playing with that embroidered band, and this is it with 1 movie's worth of work on it.

The following are some drawings from my sketch book showing some ideas for of the embroidery. These are most more "geometric" patterns. I have a whole other page of more "floral" patterns but i still need to scan them up. The top three are perhaps my favourites. Sorry i havn't had time to date them all with sources, but they are all pretty much copies from various books i have.

This one reminds me of the Bayeux tapestry, just a little....

Thursday, 3 April 2008

New wool

Just ordered some new wool thread from Renaissance Dyeing

Within two hours of me ordering online it was in a post van, so hopefully it will arrive soon so i can start playing with it. Angela, if you want me to send you some samples i can do that. It looks like it will be of a good quality and suitable for what we will need it for. Maybe if i send them you can take them to the next Condott training to show the others.

I have also thought about doing a embroidered band around our cloaks/cuffs/anything that stands still long enough. I was playing with a pattern tonight. If i like it i may use this one. I have seen variations of this on many braids. Variations normally include different "devices" in the middle, and maybe the red outlining being done in couching.

I tried a "new" stitch on the pink background it's the base stitch for the Bayeux couching, then the over stitching is just split-stitch. Not sure if i like it as much or if i like it for the band, but i am just playing!