June 2015

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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Doodle cloth

Well as i am waiting for my goodies to arrive (only just been a week)
I started another doodle cloth to practice stitches and things. Being brand new to wool embroidery, and new to the styles, i think that is a good idea.

This is a free hand drawing just to try out stitches, the design isn't that brilliant, but it has been good enough to let me know a couple of things a like and don't like.

I am using the Appleton's wool, and (sorry Appleton's fans) i MUCH prefer Renaissance wool. However i DO rather like the texture it gives on padded satin stitch better than Renaissance. 

Here is my sketch i did to practice on (it's about 15 - 20 cm high)

 start of the leaf, padded satin boarder, dark brown in stem, filling in split stitch (because i love this stitch)

More attempts at French knots. I don't like the thin boarder, i would like to add an additional layer here.

Total progress tonight. I have just removed the green stitches at the top however as i don't like them. Once again forget the design as it is just my practice stitching cloth :-)

No time for too much tomorrow as i HAVE to do some study. Else i shall fail exams :-)


Elmsley Rose said...

I'm following your posts with interest coz I want to do some Jacobean (after the Elizabethan Sampler is finished!)

Comments like the Appleton wool is good on padded satin stitch is a good thing to know - tho I want Rennaissance threads.

Nice design!!!

Constance said...

Hi :-)

Your sampler is looking good, so much work in it. Have you decided if you are going to put in the back ground yet?

Will keep you posted about the threads, but so far i really like the Renaissance, i have been keeping score of how often they break and on what stitch and so on.

I quite like the design as well, it only took about 4 mins tops to draw in. ah well see how we go :-)

Hopefully even with exams i will still have some time to play.