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Sunday, 14 September 2008

New progress

Ok i actually did this stuff last weekend, but havn't had time to upload the pictures which i will do now.

This is what i am doing, just a piece of cloth where i am practicing embroidery techniques patterns and designs. It is not meant to be displayed. i might eventually do one that will be. Here is a close up of a "leaf" done in detatched buttonhole stitch. with directions from this site.

Here is the flower and bud i also did. You can't see that the green part of the bud was supposed to have little "points going up the pink section. I didn't do that part of it to well. will have to try again.

Want to try some little critters as well like a caterpillar


Elmsley Rose said...

I can't do the sepals on the base of the bud in detached buttonhole (like the rest of the base) either.

I use chain stitch for them, with stem stitches on the end to give a pointy-end look

Elmsley Rose said...

PS Your buttonhole is looking great! Nice and tight!

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Anonymous said...

Nice work Pix! obviously studying hard for medicine as no new posts!

Elmsley Rose said...

Did you know that Jeanne of Just String is doing some really excellent posts on detached buttonhole?

This is the second one (with link to first)
Adresses doing shapes with pointy bits, just like here.

How are you going, anwyay?