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Thursday, 20 May 2010

Update on my Trial Jacobean Pattern

IT ARRIVED!!! took 7 working days. which is awesome from France to Australia. Still have two more packages to arrive (as i ordered extra afterward :-)

I love the Renaissance dyeing wool it's so pretty.

There is another row on the back, but i didn't take a picture

Here is my "doodle cloth" sampler with some work on it last night. All still in the Appleton's wool however.

Here is the whole design

Here is the close up.
I know that the little leaves around the flower are in the wrong spot (as i just sketched the design on i made a mistake) However i am fairly happy with my first attempt at the colour graduation in long and short stitch.

Not much to go, then i will have a go at stretching it out before i start my large design with the Renaissance wool. yeeeeeee

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Kathy said...

The long and short stitch looks good! Well done for a first attempt!