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Sunday, 30 May 2010


Have decided today that while i have the inspiration and design ideas for my large embroidery, I need to focus on the fine details of my designs more. (ie making them look perfect BEFORE i stitch them, not following the "it will do attitude."

So i have decided to "bypass" the stage i hate the most (putting the design onto cloth stage) by doing a needlework project, rather than making my own. Just to see how i go.

I bought a cheap project off Ebay, it is a really nice design by Elsa Williams "The Lowell Sampler"

So i shall do this for the time being. (hopefully only a couple of weeks) While i sort out my main design.

Thanks again to those who have given me lots of help and encouragement with my stitching :-)


Kathy Storm said...

This looks really lovely, I'm sure it will turn out beautiful.

Elmsley Rose said...

What a beautiful kit!

Does it come with wools, or will you be using your own?

Constance said...

Yes it came with wool already. It uses many of the stitches that i need to improve, so i think it will be a good thing to do :-)

Kathy said...

The colors are just wonderful! I love the rusty-rose color of the flowers. Your long and short stitch looks really lovely on the flower n the center.

Hannah said...

perhaps this is a bit out of date to comment on, but I just found your blog ;-) I've been working on an Elsa Williams crewel kit too, the Bird Brocade (but with modifications). Here is my post on it: