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Monday, 17 May 2010

Waiting Waiting Waiting

Still waiting for my threads to arrive, (it has only been 4 working days and they are coming from France to Australia). Last time it took them 6 days which is AWESOME service, but i still have itchy fingers waiting.

I First of all played around with some patterns. Have also remembered the need to start long and short or satin stitch in the middle of the design... i didn't here...

I then Filled in some more French knots on my leaf (until the thread broke)

Then i started to trace the design in a clearer pen (rather than pencil) I also added in some more designs. (You can't really see them in here though as the are in the far top corner.

Now i am deliberating on where to start. I think i will start down the bottom there, as it is fairly uncomplicated and i want to get used to the threads. I plan on doing the "bands" in satin stitch (OR stem stitch), top one dark green, next mid then light. Then i might either:

a) leave the bottom part under the "hills" blank
b) Chain stitch it
c) Long and short stitch the underneath.

Any ideas????????

Will hopefully post again with the design finished and inked. I have ordered a sepia coloured marker to do the flowers, so hopefully it won't show through with the lighter colours on them. I wasn't to concerned about the green "grass" and the tree trunk.


Elmsley Rose said...

It doesn't show that you didn't start the L&S stitch in the middle - tho your outline is a bit uneven. I'd go around it with chain or split stitch just to give it a smooth outline.

The carnation is *great*

Re the bands - I'd look at historical pics. I haven't studied them myself, so can't advice.

Constance said...

I have always preferred split stitch so i have been "trying" to play with other stitches. But i have been finding i have been going back to the split stitch. Especially for the outline for satin stitch where it is really important to get a super smooth edge to cover over.

(seems such a shame to cover over careful work...)

I think with the bands they did all of the options, just not sure if them combined them. But as i am not going for an entirely historic feel (as it is my first project) i'm not toooooo concerned.

Thanks :-)