June 2015

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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Abbey Festival

I'm the girl in the blue dress doing the washing up.

Why did every think it was a fascinating thing to watch!!! anyway... i guess the number of times i got asked if our fire was real just wasn't good enough! (yes they did ask if the fire was real)

Had a great time.... will have to post the photos later as i need to go to bed!!

Monday, 5 July 2010

Chemises again

Here is my progress on the chemise. It is now finished. Fortunately i can use nearly every square centimeter of fabric . The only wastage is about 10cm2 from the strip i used to make the underarm gussets. every other part of the fabric is used. took about 3 hours cut and sew, another hour for the neckline and cuffs. I have left the bottom hemmed at present.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

New Trim

Here is my new trim that arrived today!
I love the design. The colour is a real chocolate brown with gold. Not an expensive material, but you won't see that on the garments. I can't wait to order more. I am making a camp dress for the Abbey Festival and i wanted something easy to wear at night time. so i have made a Norman dress in burnt orange :-) very pretty. I think the orange and brown trim will look just fine !

Glasses there just to show that it is a large trim

Pouch Finished

Well it was finished for dad's birthday, i have just had either no internet or no power for the last few days to post. but here it is...

The edge:- before i got to it with a thread snipper !!

I think Dad was well pleased with it. He said he was scared to wear it incase it got