June 2015

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Friday, 18 June 2010

Bayeux Tapestry Embroidery Finished

YEAH..... I have actually finished the embroidery for the pouch for Dad's Birthday!!!!

now i have to sort out a lining...the closure method, a drawstring cord and use the "embroidered band" method on the Medieval Silkwork Blog. Thanks Machteld. I love this method makes it look really neat.

18 hours?? approximately (maybe a little less for the moments i got distracted by what i was doing.)

 Here is the actual shape of the pouch

Here is the pouch with the intended trimmings for the side decoration.

 20 hours (with the making of the tassels and cutting and ironing the lining and back...)

I have since steamed and washed the tassels. (really makes this cotton tassel hang beautifully and looks rather like silk.)

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Bayeux Wool Arrived

Whooo exams over!! Thank goodness.

Nice surprise today as well, my wool from Bayeux Broderie has arrived.

the Bayeux Broderie wool is a very thin wool. It comes already cut in 70cm stitch lengths. About 100 per skein. I have done a quick little test and i got about 1cm square out of the one piece(doubled over). So a skein will be about 10cm squared. ish, perhaps less with wastage. I don't know how this compares to other wools, so will be making some investigations.i will guess 9cm2 with wastage and whoopsies.

It is fairly nice to work with better than Appletons but not quite as good as the Renaissance wool (is anything as nice as that) In the stitch length provided there was very little thinning, and no signs that it was going to break. It did appear a little "thready" on top. But this seems to be the nature of the wool. I don't mind it.

i did some costings and it actually may appear that the Renaissance might be a touch cheaper... (certainly worth the extra extra extra good quality.)

I havn't included the maths but, i got nearly double the coverage for the same length of wool in the renaissance. The skeins are shorter in Renaissance, but the postage is better. So in the end if i can GET the colours, i will want to get some more of the Renaissance. This is the problem getting the right colours.

Hopefully now that i have the colours from Bayeux Broderie (which are still great wools and i will certainly be using them) I can sort out what i want from Renaissance dyeing.

I wonder if i can send them a little snippet of the colours and just get them to send the closest that they have??? hmmmm that is a thought. They might do that.... will have to ask Renaissance dyeing methinks.

Come on Sarah...get cracking....

Progress 15 hours??? (cottons)

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Procrastination Abounds

Well why is it that when i HAVE to get some study done, the best forms of procrastination occur!!
If i had to be Queen of something. It would be distractions and procrastinations.
My Bulk lot of threads arrived today for tassel making and general "have in the background threads" they were cheap and will do just nicely for the purpose. Some of the pearl cotton that i got (while it was multi dyed) the piece are long enough in some spots that i can just cut one colour out and use it. Certainly enough for a tassel. So i am rather happy about that. It's not variegated like every 5 mm its a different colour.

Last night i was reading some of my NZ friends blogs (Kerrin) and (Nicole) who are both writing novels. I got out my old novel i was writing and rewrote the first chapter. Talk about procrastination!!

Then of course, this morning my threads arrive. And i HAD to unpackage them.

anyway with no further ado, here they are. Now i HAVE to get back to work. I'm off out tonight and shan't be back till Saturday so i must get this dammn study done.

ABout 200 skeins of thread here :-) Pearl cotton, Rayon and some silks (i think)

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Medieval Pouch

This is my next "needs to be finished" project. Hopefully it will be in the next two weeks or so. Just have to put embroidered edging round the pouch to stick it together, line it and sort out a way of closing it!

Not sure how i will figure out the top closure, (i didn't do the embroidery with a project in mind you see.
The white cloth is a pillow slip i "borrowed" from a hostel (in Cologne, Germany) i think... I did the embroidery while backpacking round Europe. It was really my first attempt at embroidery. I can see lots of faults now (3 years later, but i WILL finish it.

 Have got some pearls to put in the four centre squares.

Any Comments???

Will line it it a nice pale green silk.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Bayeux update

ABout 10-11 hours.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Bayeux update

Just realised i forgot to post last nights work about 10 hours all up now

 I love the bright blue.

What colours should i use to recreate the Bayeux Tapestry?

Here is a post of mostly research notes and links on my study. I have not included the images for copyright reasons. But all the links take you to the pages.

I shall add and re-update this link as required

My question: Where to find images that are representative of the true colours. Either the original colours, how it looks now and what other people have recreated. How do i then translate this to modern thread.


Web Gallery of Art: has some really good images of the tapestry close up. Click on the zoom to see it very close. You can really see the bright blue that is in this image here.
This image shows the colour of the terracotta rusty colour as being a very bright colour. I wonder if this was close to the actual colour.

Here is the Reading Museum website showing a replica of the tapestry with small details only. The colours appear different.

Here is a CD that you can buy that shows the tapestry in full down the the weave itself. I have not bought this but has anyone found it good?

Here are some more images of the tapestry . Click on the sections to view them.

Here is an image of a print. Not embroidery, but does help with deciding on colours.

One of the most close up pictures of a scene that i could find online. very detailed

The picture below can be found at this website. It has Really close up views of the stitching. I have used the picture as it is no longer copyrighted. Can really see the detail.

Another Image: Behind glass

Create your own Bayeux Tapestry game (very very cute)

FOUND IT. HERE IS AN IMAGE of the colour scheme i want!

look what i have found!!! the Bayeux threads all packaged up !!! SEE HERE (fixed up the URL)

Has anyone tried these?

UTube Video showing the tapestry. (in Polish but we only need the images)
UTube video showing a couple of images of the actual tapestry. behind glass but still interesting
UTube BBC video showing the actual bayeux tapestry. Behind glass but really good images in parts
UTube - Yes another one. Scrolling view of Bayeux


Here is an image of a reproduction. Note the colours here.


Here is a link to the kit that Mary Corbet has of the Bayeux tapestry. Look at the close up pictures of the threads. The colours are beautiful.

Tapestry House kit.


You can buy Bayeux trim here.

Unrelated Crewel embroidery UTube video. I love the design

Friday, 4 June 2010

Playing with Bayeux (again)

Update 8 hours:

 here is some more been done:

My choice of colours obviously :-)
The least said on the topic of finding a good match for the original the better!!!
very briefly:
Very tricky business. I want to do them in Renaissance wool, (which is totally delicious but pricey to get to Australia) but i have a cheap supplier of the appletons wool which is not quite as nice.

However i have been told (by a fellow stitcher)  that if it is worth doing, it is worth doing properly and to splurge on the beautiful wool. I am beginning to agree with her.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Playing with Bayeux (again)

Well so i got sidetracked!  So what :-) I wanted to have another play with the bayeux stitch, so that was what i did.

 I havn't quite got the colour combination right yet i don't think, but it isn't toooooo far off. They don't show very well here actually.

The ones on the left are DMC the ones on the right Are Anchor threads.

I would have love to do this in my Renaissance threads, but didn't have the colours.

I used Racaire's Handout  to think about the stitch again. (thanks Racaire).
She recommends filling in the little holes that are created, (which i havn't done yet as you can see)

It's obviously not finished but it's looking good for about 6 hours work??  It would be much quicker with wool but it is certainly faster than say split stitch.

I also got the direction of the cross threads wrong on the left leg (totally) it was the first thing i did. The initial stitches should have gone down and the couching ones across. opps.
will keep on going