June 2015

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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Playing with Bayeux (again)

Well so i got sidetracked!  So what :-) I wanted to have another play with the bayeux stitch, so that was what i did.

 I havn't quite got the colour combination right yet i don't think, but it isn't toooooo far off. They don't show very well here actually.

The ones on the left are DMC the ones on the right Are Anchor threads.

I would have love to do this in my Renaissance threads, but didn't have the colours.

I used Racaire's Handout  to think about the stitch again. (thanks Racaire).
She recommends filling in the little holes that are created, (which i havn't done yet as you can see)

It's obviously not finished but it's looking good for about 6 hours work??  It would be much quicker with wool but it is certainly faster than say split stitch.

I also got the direction of the cross threads wrong on the left leg (totally) it was the first thing i did. The initial stitches should have gone down and the couching ones across. opps.
will keep on going


Racaire said...

You're welcome :)

btw. the section about the direction is just a recommendation for faster work - it's not a 'mistake' if you work it in another direction :)
...and the section about filling the holes is just a cheating chapter for 'overachievers' like me, who don't want to live with blank spaces inbetween their embroidery... ;)

Rachel said...

It looks good! the stitch is a good one for swift coverage so it is easier to feel that sense of achievement, as well.