June 2015

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Wednesday, 26 March 2008


Excuse the lack of proper ties on this one, i removed them for something else...

This is a tiny coin pouch about 7cm high with a brass device, surrounded by seed pearls and glass beads. It will be lined with proper ties.

This is my bag that matches my red and gold 14th centuary outfit. It is red and gold silk, with gold one side and red the other side. The top trim is couched on with gold silk thread.

The other side

The old embroidery at the top of the sideless surcoat... I have to rip it all out to change the neckline as it is too narrow for the neck line on the red silk dress!!!!


Elmsley Rose said...

Both lovely - especially the second one :-)

Constance said...

Thanks :-)

I love that little red pouch, just don't know where it is at the moment... packed no doubt.

Am playing with tassels at the moment. In preparation for finished the green split stitch pouch.

Am taking it slow so i can do it right :-)