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Saturday, 8 March 2008

List for Abbey 2008

I have always looked at other peoples lists of things to sew, and wondered how they could be so organised as to know what they want to make! Well, I need a whole Italian wardrobe- and it happend to me!

Here is my list. Red text means I have finished it (or have hardly any more work to do, ie less than an hour), Bold means I need to have it done by June, Italics means I have started it.

One dark blue linen Gamurra and sleeves

One light blue linen Gamurra and sleeves DONE!

One brown linen Gamurra and sleeves (Bodice finished, trim 1/3 done on neckline, embriodery on neckline not started, two 150cm skirt panels done and sewn to bdice, one 60cm skirt skirt panel to do, need to sew skirt panels together and hem and trim)

one light blue silk Giornea/Cioppa and sleeves

one green silk Giornea/Cioppa and sleeves

one orange silk Giornea/Cioppa and sleeves

One mid blue linen Giornea and sleeves (Sewn together, Front opening needs to be hemmed, need to figure out train, cut and hem. Sleeves not started)

Orange linen sleeves

Linen Camicia 1 (Just over half done)

Linen Camicia 2

Cotton Flannel Camicia (to sleep in!)

Wool sleeves to sew to my pink wool kirtle (so I can use it as a warm coat at night)

One pair of mid blue linen hose (cut out, one foot sewn together)

One pair of reddish linen hose (I dyed some white linen as after I dyed dad's bag hat material there was plenty of dye left)

One pair of reddish/purplish woolen hose (after the linen I thought there might still be some dye in the dye bath, this wook took the last of that out. However, it went a much darker colour than dads bag hat, even though the dye bath was warm and dilute abnd when the bag hat stuff went in it was hot and concentrate. Hmmm)

hair piece- DONE! I have a plait long enough to wrap and sew round my head, it was discontinued and only cost $30!

Make something to cover my hair on bad hair days that is suitable for Italy 1480.

Things to alter

My orange dress into an italian style (I just have one more side seam to sew and need to re-do the front lacing rings.)

Fix my linen shift (in such bad condition)

Things I need for 2008 (or to borrow)


Shoes (I need to make a new pattern for my dad so he can make them. He has givin my a line drawing of an extant garment (ackatin or something) that I need to at least pattern for him.


Constance said...

That's a big list, i'm more interested in the furniture store that Chris just said we can go to today to buy some new furniture for the house....

whooooo first pay check in the new house...

Constance said...

here is the handout that Racaire very kindly sent me the link to.

Cathelina said...

Thanks for the link! Am having a look at it now! It i a long list- but I hope theres not that much work I need to do. While I only have two subjects at uni this semester, one is mini honours and the other one has four papers- FOUR! And NONE of them are remotly related to any topic I've done before.

Constance said...

sounds like fun, i'm having a go at that stitch now, will let you know how it turns out.

Constance said...

sounds like fun, i'm having a go at that stitch now, will let you know how it turns out.

Cathelina said...