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Tuesday, 25 March 2008


Ok so i have been a little slack this week...

but i have done a little bit on the trial dragon.

I still havn't fixed the face, but i don't think i will. Might finish it and keep it as it is.
Am planning on playing with a small scene based on a section of the tapestry to cover the side of a pouch.
Have just seen some of the detailing that Racaire has done on her Bayeux stitch. While i have done mine the same, (couching over the threads as i go) i havn't done those couching stitches as close as hers. I might try them a little closer next time.
Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow....


Racaire said...

It looks very nice :)

concerning my stitches - for my last class in November I added an FAQ part "Handout “Refilsaum” - Appendix" to my Refilsaum Handout and how you can help yourself concerning the threads in the back (see "4) Filling the background:") :) - the new version of my handout is available at my homepage

Bussi Racaire

PS: Refilsaum/Bayeux is a great technique and a very good excuse to use very 'interesting' and bright colours :)

Constance said...

Hi Racaire,

Yes I saw your little booklet, which is what i used to show me how to do the technique, so thanks for that. I am going to have a play with the technique as it comes together so much quicker than split stitch.


Žabacorporation said...

I just love these Bayeaux creatures! Your dragon's done very beautifully.