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Monday, 10 March 2008

Brown Florentine dress 1474-80 updated photos

Well, Constance wanted me to post origional photos with my room mess around my feet, but I didn't want to do that! I could have taken pictures the other day when my room was tidy, but I didn't, so I waited till everyone was out today and I had the house to myself and took some photos.
Here they are! I can't figure out how to put some beside each other- so they are in a long list.

Then I took some with the sleeves from my blue dress

The dangly cord you can see in a few is just the trim I haven't finished sewing to the neckline yet.


Constance said...


now you need to smile and not look like you have been up till 4:00am handsewing the thing by the light of a dimming candle.


Cathelina said...

talk about being hard to please! :p