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Friday, 7 March 2008

First Embroidered Bag

Here are some of the images of the creation of my first embroidery project. I started this in Europe while we were backpacking around. As it was a backbacking embroidery, it isn't quite what i would have done if i had access to internet and sources, but it's ok.

Background: Pillow case pinched from a hostel (sorry i was desperate)
Thread: Imitation silk (couldn't explain real silk in German.)
Pattern: Shape, fairly common throughout the Middle Ages. Floral design - fairly standard. Green background, perhaps could have been in couching stitch, but i wasn't too sure on doing that on the go.
Stitches: mostly split stitch, some stem stitch.

Still need to put a band around the top and do the back however.


Cathelina said...

"Thread: Imitation silk (couldn't explain real silk in German.)"

And you can explain it in english? ;)

Constance said...

ahhhhh sister dear....

I do know it in English, however i don't fancy wasting expensive silks on a trial piece that i might never wear.

saving it all up for the masterpiece.

by the way check out the "wall hanging" link on the blogs of note.

you will appreciate it.


Cathelina said...

Yes, I checked it out already! Very, Very impressed! But What I was actually alluding with the can you explain it in english is that most sellers of silk can't tell the difference.
"Do you have silk"
"Yes, it is here"
"Do you have real silk?"
"That is 100% silk"
"No, that is 100% fake silk"

Your embriodery is looking good, I haven't done any more on mine, but I photo shopped it finished :D