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Friday, 7 March 2008

Little German Coin Pouch

Here is another project i have been working on, details and sources will come later.

This is a very small coin purse.
Background: Gold Silk
Pattern: seen on a German purse i believe to be dated around 1350.
Thread: Silk
Stitch: Split
Time: 5 hours to this point maybe?

Close up of pattern
Eventually the purse will have a embroidered band with the holes for the cord to pass through, (colour undecided) with tassels hanging off the side, will be lined in silk, and will be sewn up the sides with a fancy, tablet woven style finish.

Saturday 8th March:

Here are a couple of good links for medieval purses showing photos of extant items from museums around the world. Some of which i have seen in my travels:

Here is the closest picture i could find to the type of purse i am doing. Mine is NOT in counted thread work like many of these as it was a "lets try and do that" sunday afternoon project and not researched exactly. At the moment i am still learning about the actual embroidery part. I am hoping to start some replica items in the near future.

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