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Thursday, 3 April 2008

New wool

Just ordered some new wool thread from Renaissance Dyeing

Within two hours of me ordering online it was in a post van, so hopefully it will arrive soon so i can start playing with it. Angela, if you want me to send you some samples i can do that. It looks like it will be of a good quality and suitable for what we will need it for. Maybe if i send them you can take them to the next Condott training to show the others.

I have also thought about doing a embroidered band around our cloaks/cuffs/anything that stands still long enough. I was playing with a pattern tonight. If i like it i may use this one. I have seen variations of this on many braids. Variations normally include different "devices" in the middle, and maybe the red outlining being done in couching.

I tried a "new" stitch on the pink background it's the base stitch for the Bayeux couching, then the over stitching is just split-stitch. Not sure if i like it as much or if i like it for the band, but i am just playing!


Cathelina said...

Us ladies are getting together on sunday (as in the day after tomorrow) but I assume that it won't have time to get to you and from you to me by then.
After that I'm not sure when we're meeting! But if you send me some samples I'll definatly show them all when we are next all together.

Does the split stitching toke less time or more than what you showed me the other day?

Constance said...


No i wont have them in time as they are comming from France. They are hand dyed with natural pigments. So they are very very authentic. They are also not that expensive. Tell the ladies that they are about 2-3 dollars for 25 meters, INCLUDING the postage costs. theya are about 2 dollars each plus a little bit for postage.

Split stitch takes a lot longer than what i showed you the other day.

Cathelina said...

Ok, I prefer the look of what you showed me the other day!
I'll tell the ladies on sunday!