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Saturday, 9 February 2008


There comes a point (or many points) in every re-enactors life when someone just looks at them and says “you are insane”. Sometimes, this is followed by “welcome to the club” or “you are now one of us”

This first happened to me about three years ago when showing something I made to some friends. Here is the unofficial entry that got me accepted into the club:

A nalbinded cup and saucer- done in crochet cotton or embroidery thread or something similar. Nalbinding is good to make socks though apart from this cup and saucer, I have only ever made a pouch. It can be spelled many different ways, which makes googling the process very annoying.
To my knowledge, our ancestors never made cups and saucers like this, they aren’t very practical. But it shows you don’t have to do something that takes a long time and/or is extremely authentic (such as using a drop spindle to spin wool, weaving it on a period loom, dyeing it in period dyes, cutting it with period scissors and sewing it with a period hand-made needle and thread to the pattern of a garment dug out of the ground- yes, it has been done, but not by me!) to be welcomed into the club.

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