June 2015

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Friday, 4 June 2010

Playing with Bayeux (again)

Update 8 hours:

 here is some more been done:

My choice of colours obviously :-)
The least said on the topic of finding a good match for the original the better!!!
very briefly:
Very tricky business. I want to do them in Renaissance wool, (which is totally delicious but pricey to get to Australia) but i have a cheap supplier of the appletons wool which is not quite as nice.

However i have been told (by a fellow stitcher)  that if it is worth doing, it is worth doing properly and to splurge on the beautiful wool. I am beginning to agree with her.


Rachel said...

She's quite right. Also, it's often the case that the better quality thread is easier to use.

Constance said...

oh yes, i agree, much easier.

The Renaissance thread works like a dream.


just need to sort out the colours :-)