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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Medieval Pouch

This is my next "needs to be finished" project. Hopefully it will be in the next two weeks or so. Just have to put embroidered edging round the pouch to stick it together, line it and sort out a way of closing it!

Not sure how i will figure out the top closure, (i didn't do the embroidery with a project in mind you see.
The white cloth is a pillow slip i "borrowed" from a hostel (in Cologne, Germany) i think... I did the embroidery while backpacking round Europe. It was really my first attempt at embroidery. I can see lots of faults now (3 years later, but i WILL finish it.

 Have got some pearls to put in the four centre squares.

Any Comments???

Will line it it a nice pale green silk.


Elmsley Rose said...

looks lovely, front and back - really lovely.

I know where medieval type tops of pouch stuff can be found. I haven't collected the info because I haven't planned on making one, but I can go find it, or alternatively put you in contact with Katerina of the Purple Pages, who I think will know how to do one. Or someone. (Just woke up, not enough coffee yet).

Or suggest a search on "SCA purse" - lots and lots of people have made them - drawstring affairs.

Constance said...


I pretty much know how to finish it. its the sorting out how to do it that is the problem. as i didn't leave room for the draw string. i'll have to "add" to the pouch to put the casing in. Just need to do that without showing the ugly white background.


i have done a pouch similar to this before, i'm just trying to make sure it will be as neat as possible. trying not to rush :-)

3 years.... certainly NOT

thanks though :-)


Constance said...

Here is the previous (unembroidered one)


I could do this the same way, (ie with the lining coming over the top and forming the casing.

Kerrin said...

Hi! great to see you up and running again! love the work, man you must be busy! nice work :)

Constance said...

yep busy busy busy... at least i don't have two kids running around as well :-) How do you do it :-)


Nicole MacDonald said...

Pixie it's all so beautiful! My fingers are just itching to try it :)

Constance said...

Takes AGES,

but it will be worth it when i get it finished:-)


Joey's Dream Garden said...

HIya Constance!
This pouch is lovely! It looks like a heck of a lot of work, and worth it too... I really like the pattern on what I presume will be the 'reverse' side. Pale green silk will be lovely as a lining.

Oh and just wanted to say, thank you so much for your comment on my Little Tiger embroidery on Feeling Stitchy! yes, there will be an overall winner, there will be a public vote (probably tomorrow, Monday 14th June) on the Feeling Stitchy site, so make another visit and vote for your favourite, if you want to! It's all very exciting!

Best wishes, have a great Sunday!
Joey x

Constance said...

Hi Joey,

Oh good, i hope your little tiger wins :-) very adorable.

I hope i can get the pouch looking the way i want. I'm trying to take a fine road between not rushing in a ruining it... and actually doing something. :-) i'm a good procrastinator :-)

majeedjan said...

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Anonymous said...

Nice embroidery - but the hostel might appreciate the cost of their pillow slip back.