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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Bayeux Wool Arrived

Whooo exams over!! Thank goodness.

Nice surprise today as well, my wool from Bayeux Broderie has arrived.

the Bayeux Broderie wool is a very thin wool. It comes already cut in 70cm stitch lengths. About 100 per skein. I have done a quick little test and i got about 1cm square out of the one piece(doubled over). So a skein will be about 10cm squared. ish, perhaps less with wastage. I don't know how this compares to other wools, so will be making some investigations.i will guess 9cm2 with wastage and whoopsies.

It is fairly nice to work with better than Appletons but not quite as good as the Renaissance wool (is anything as nice as that) In the stitch length provided there was very little thinning, and no signs that it was going to break. It did appear a little "thready" on top. But this seems to be the nature of the wool. I don't mind it.

i did some costings and it actually may appear that the Renaissance might be a touch cheaper... (certainly worth the extra extra extra good quality.)

I havn't included the maths but, i got nearly double the coverage for the same length of wool in the renaissance. The skeins are shorter in Renaissance, but the postage is better. So in the end if i can GET the colours, i will want to get some more of the Renaissance. This is the problem getting the right colours.

Hopefully now that i have the colours from Bayeux Broderie (which are still great wools and i will certainly be using them) I can sort out what i want from Renaissance dyeing.

I wonder if i can send them a little snippet of the colours and just get them to send the closest that they have??? hmmmm that is a thought. They might do that.... will have to ask Renaissance dyeing methinks.

Come on Sarah...get cracking....

Progress 15 hours??? (cottons)


Rachel said...

The new wool looks lovely, and it is always good to read comparisons of the threads available. Thank you!

Constance said...

Thanks Rachel,

Yeah the wool is very nice, and i can't wait to try it out!!
Yes thread comparisons ARE useful. :-) The best one is going to be be doing the same project again for myself. (this bayeux piece is for my Dad for his birthday in one week...)

Have fun :-)

Kathy said...

Your photo makes me jealous! I am SUCH a thread junkie. The people at Renaissance that I've dealt with were just lovely. I would be very surprised if they wouldn't help you out. They even have a holiday house on the property where one can stay and while learning how to dye wool. Or just stitch in the French sunshine. Sounds heavenly...
Congratulations on finishing your exams!

Elmsley Rose said...

Exams are over!

Thankyou for your review of the wools.

Constance said...

Hi again :-)

Thanks, hopefully when i stitch the project again in the bayeux wool we will get a better idea of how it works.

will keep everyone posted.


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