June 2015

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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Procrastination Abounds

Well why is it that when i HAVE to get some study done, the best forms of procrastination occur!!
If i had to be Queen of something. It would be distractions and procrastinations.
My Bulk lot of threads arrived today for tassel making and general "have in the background threads" they were cheap and will do just nicely for the purpose. Some of the pearl cotton that i got (while it was multi dyed) the piece are long enough in some spots that i can just cut one colour out and use it. Certainly enough for a tassel. So i am rather happy about that. It's not variegated like every 5 mm its a different colour.

Last night i was reading some of my NZ friends blogs (Kerrin) and (Nicole) who are both writing novels. I got out my old novel i was writing and rewrote the first chapter. Talk about procrastination!!

Then of course, this morning my threads arrive. And i HAD to unpackage them.

anyway with no further ado, here they are. Now i HAVE to get back to work. I'm off out tonight and shan't be back till Saturday so i must get this dammn study done.

ABout 200 skeins of thread here :-) Pearl cotton, Rayon and some silks (i think)


Mary Corbet said...

Ahhhhh! I Love Thread!

Best of luck studying!

~ Mary

Constance said...

Thanks Mary:-)

Yes the fun of a whole bunch of threads being delivered and i have been too busy studying to really have a play with them...:-p


Nicole MacDonald said...

Pix I tried e-mailing you but it got rejected *pout* so here's my e-mail :)