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Monday, 1 November 2010

Renaissance Dyeing threads and Wool Embroidery


Well i shall start of my posting again by mentioning (yes again) my favorite wool supplier. Most particularly because of the strong Aussie dollar at the moment it is a great time to buy!

I want to get some more of the sale 3 tone wool thread that is on super sale at Renaissance dyeing.

I have a set but i will much more likely use it if i have a bit more in the works

I want to finish of my wool embroidery i started a few months back and possible stitch a new blog header!!!
I used the book below for some of the patterns.

Beginner's Guide to Crewel Embroidery
Beginner's Guide to Crewel Embroidery

It's not very comprehensive, but it has some great little patterns and a totally cute squirrel and hedgehog. I am considering stitching him. :-)

Here is the embroidery piece 1/2 finished: I just need to find something to do with it.

Anyone got any ideas what i could use it for!! i'm stuck really i am... I am considering making a quilt out of all my 1/2 finished embroidery efforts and see what that looks like :-)

I also want to finish the camera case project that has been on the go while i have been away studying.

anyway this is the current plans and i shall be updating more frequently not. Hopefully with this darn camera case finished.


Nicole MacDonald said...

Love the current piece - so gorgeous!!

Constance said...

Thanks nic,

I think we just blog comment swapped. I was typing to you and you were typing to mine :-)

Elmsley Rose said...

A cushion? Crewel work in wool is very hard wearing. I've got a cushion in Bargello in wool that I made when I was 16 that is still fine, and much used and loved.

3 shades of madder! *dribble*

Your piece is looking wonderful! I especially love the tan-greenish leaf on the left - just perfect! So smooth!