June 2015

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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Muchos Appologies

Hi guys,

Yes i am still alive.... just final semester of my degree... been a little busy.

Should be about a bit more in a couple of weeks.

sorry for those people that assume i am subbing them.... i'm not i promise :-)

current project is a quilted camera case with medieval pictures on it.

Fabric is linen with wool lining.
Thread just embroidery cotton on one side (pearl cotton on other as experiment)

 Here is my FANTASTIC light box creation :-)

Here is the first side of embroidery (just in cotton thread)

Here is what they looked like before i started to embroider


This is a coaster i made for a friend... :-)


Rachel said...

Love the hound!

Constance said...

Thanks :-)

Hope i can get this finished next!! Just got to get over these darn exams... sigh... not long to go and i can get back to work.