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Monday, 8 November 2010

Medieval Scene Embroidery and Dealing with Cheap Pearl Cotton

Right so here is the completed side one of the little cammera case!
Yes i know i should have been studying, but i was litening to lectures on the computer while embroidering. I just stopped the video when i need to jot down notes... It was great it took my mind of the borning lecture that normally makes me cringe.. :-)
Medieval Embroidered Scene: Side One Finished
Close up of Medieval Embroidered Scene: Side One
Medieval Embroidered Scene: Side Two - Prior to starting

Side Two: Different Cotton and Different Stitch
 I am playing with the threads on the other side... This is a very very very cheap Pearl cotton. I got it in bulk

Cheap Pearl Cotton

Here is the cheap pearl cotton i got. [ see this post for the pictures of the cotton] While i was happy with it for doing the tassels for the pouch, i wasn't expecting to be able to embroider with it. It looked too poor a quality.

However i spend about and hour to prepare the thread and so far i have been very happy.
  1. Remove all the sticky sticky sticky labels (1/2 hour)
  2. Open up and cut in to the lengths. Fortunately i just chopped it as it comes in a workable length (5 mins)
  3. Washed in warm soapy water
  4. Washed again in hair conditioner (yes strange) to make it feel nice
  5. Hung unceremoniously over my lamp in my room to dry.
  6. Started embroidery.
I am quite happy with the way it is working. No breaks only one slight tangle and quite workable (compared to some i have tried) it doesn't have quite the 'sheen' of some but it was quite nice. 

I purchased it of EBAY in a bulk lot from a supplier in England (although probably India). It was very cheap.

We shall see how it goes


Rachel said...

I've frequently used conditioner on rayon and some of the imitation metallics, but not pearl cotton - it's good to know that it helps!

Constance said...

Yes it seemed to work ok! I'm not sure how it would go on more expensive cottons, but i guess this was cheap and it couldn't really make it worse.

Anonymous said...

Very nice!