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Saturday, 6 September 2008

Here is the progress so far on the flower. The stitch really makes the petals stick out which is cool. Just need to do the center and think i will do french knots at the end of the gold lines coming away from the flower. They are a gold thread done in 4 stitches of chain stitch.


Elmsley Rose said...

What if you outline the flower, and it's centre to smooth out the shapes?

For the actual centre

: a trellis - ie lay long stitches vertically then horizontally then a small stitch at the intersection of each line (perhaps in a contrasting colour)to hold them down

: a trellis, with french knots on top of each intersection

: a larger trellis, with french knots in each empty square

: french knots, maybe in different colours, or changing colour as you go inwards

* beads

Constance said...

I was thinking about beads. as i was going to use sead pearls in the stem. I actually tried it and didn't like it. Might give the trellis a go. I was going to outline the center, but i'll have a alook at what outlining the flower petals will do.


Elmsley Rose said...

I've never seen a stem done in beads, unless the whole piece was in beads - perhaps why that's you didn't like it (it isn't the done thing).
Have you seen actual examples of it?

(beading the centre is common)

Constance said...

No don't worry wasn't beading the entire stem, just using them as the center of the spiral parts of the stem.

It was the beads in the flower that i tried and didn't like. Maybe i chose the wrong ones. i'll try the trellis idea in the middle and see how it goes

Elmsley Rose said...

Sorry - I have gastro and am operating on about 1/4 of a brain