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Wednesday, 9 April 2008

renaissance dyeing

Thanks to Renaissance Dyeing for such quick delivery of my new threads. They are in France and i am in Australia and my thread arrived in 4 working days. (6 if you include the weekend).

Not only have they arrived quickly but they are beautifully soft and the colours look wonderful.

These are the colours i got, resting on my new navy blue 100% wool i got for $9 a meter at my local fabric store. I was doing a bank run at work, nearly got knocked over by a hoon on a bike turned around to abuse him and there in the distance i saw the words ...."Fabric...." being new to the area i ran there, regardless of the whole "should be at work thing" and found my wool.


Cathelina said...

Very nice! I will look into doing something with some wool like this after abbey. But it looks really nice! Great price too! Keep an eye on that fabric shop- if they have any wool in the future that is not blue- I want it, so buy it and I'll buy it off you. (I will already have four blue italian dresses, hence the other than blue)

Constance said...

I will keep my eye out. They guy at the shop said that is sold like hot cakes and if he had the opportunity to get any more he will certainly do it.

so i will keep my eye open for you. By the way there is also a bead shop just 4 shops away...

Racaire said...

Lovely colors - I love the natural dyed threads from renaissance dyeing :)

Elmsley Rose said...'re an Australian, like me!