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Sunday, 10 June 2007

Starting again...

The prospect of starting something again does make me feel good in a way. I like the setting up of things, but i also like having things finished and i guess that is what i miss out of when i bust it up and start again. However i will gladly blame the fact that blogger wasn't letting me in so, shame on shame, i deleted my account. Now i shall give it another go.

in fact i have made a whole blog site dedicated to how blogger doesn't work on my computer and i can use it to log into blogger. very useful. so at least this time round i don't have to leave random comment on my other blogs to log in and gain access to posts.

that being said, leaves me WHAT this site is actually going to be about. "Born in the Wrong Age..." is a site about all things old and History. If that doesn't sound like your cup of tea, then i suggest a prompt removal out the back door of the back button. My love of History and the past has really always been there. I have always been so passionate and interested in things from the past. Many people just don't understand this.

I'm not sure how people live with eyes only for the present, not caring about photos, family stories, or even the sense of History and power that can lie in an old building. The feeling that kings and queens or even beggars from the 1800 have walked in this very sport. I find that so very fascinating. For so many people they coudn't care less and would much rather the building torn down for the new hockey pitch.

i guess i stems, in some way, from a deep down wish to be remembered in 100 years time. or even 200 years time, or even not myself, but the people and what we did.

Well here endeth the first post for Born in the Wrong Age.

while this is primarily a site just for myself, i am happy to share my thoughts with anyone who feels the same about History and the past.

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