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Sunday, 10 June 2007

"Family Black Sheep Comes to Light..."

Article Showing: News Report from 1885

I have always know that there was a black sheep in our family History. Mum has always said so, and Nana, while saying there was a "black sheep", refused to talk about it.

This made it all the more interesting for me, as Nana was a very typical gossipy old lady. Quite happy to share people's stories even when they wished them to be a little more discreet. But then what old ladies are really discreet...

Aparantly they can be regarding serious family secrets.

"Murder in East End London"

It all starts with the name patrick! The research into this name has afforded me nothing but frustration as i have so many photos and no information to go with them. Slowely pieces of information have trickled into my ressearch but the process has been slow.

My mother wanted to name of one her children after the family name of Patrick. This in all probability would recieve quite a happy response from most elderly members of a family as too often these days parents want to call their children after film starts or even after pieces of fruit.

However this was not the case. She was met with a rather clammed up response of "No".

Now Nana really didn't take a great deal of care to hide the fact that she had very little regard for her mother in law, she was quite vocal about not liking her. However the reasons behind this seemed very shallow. Normally this is of no real concern when a woman is talking about another woman, especial a mother in law, but in this case the dislike was displayed by refusing to talk and not a two hour spiel on how the mother in law ruined the wedding.

I have, however, just found what i think is the real reason behind Nana's refusal to talk about her mother in law. This is that dear mama in law Florence Elizabeth Patrick had an uncle in Jail for Murder!!

Yes for Murder.

Not a nice murder either. A really vicious one when the poor victim's head was nearly taken clean off by a japanese dagger in the bedroom.

yes our dear Harry Patrick borm in 1862 willfuly butched a girl of 19 with a dagger.

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