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Saturday, 30 October 2010

Medieval painting example

Good morning everyone.

Whilst i have exams this weekend (yes this weekend) and a 40% assignment due Monday and havn't done anything creative. I would like to show you a link from someone who has. I read a Blog called Medieval Arts and Crafts where the Author is creating a replica paining of a lat 15th Century woman. It is one of my favorite paintings.

byeee for now, back much more religiously in a couple of days. Then i can get stuck back into my work. I have now technically finished the theory part of my degree. Now just down to prac prac and prac.... (and the exams of course)


Kathy Storm said...

I appreciate the compliment. Thank you for the link!

Constance said...

Ah you are welcome, i just love the work you do :-)

I'm hoping i can get back to my blog in a day or two and start getting back to embroidery. one and a half days to do!!!!