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Monday, 5 May 2008

The Progress

Ok well here are the results of my efforts over the last two days:
top photo = Chris's doublet in the "about to swear and put in the sleaves stage..."
Bottom photos = my bodice for my Italien dress. (excuse the top stitching it is a pattern only also why i'm using non period fabric...)
next step is to lace it and see how it is fitting...


Cathelina said...

I can't imagine what I was thinking when I patterned this, but the front of that looks wrong. The curve for the breasts is there, but what is the curve above that for? Were you planning on dropping the neckline to below that point, mening it is just loose fabric that I didn't pin? Have you tried it on? Does that front part stick out?

Constance said...

Not sure what you were thinking either :-)

don't worry i have fixed it. It is simply loose fabric that will go into the shaping of the neck line when i get around to it:-)

Cathelina said...

Ah, ok. I probably just didn't pin the front that high as we planed for there to be a neckhole there or something then.