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Friday, 2 May 2008

The Fabric

Well here is the Fabric that his royal worship wants his new doublet made out of. Personally i'm not sure it will quite work. It's a heavy fabric and i am concerned that the puffy sleaves of a doublet might now work with the fabric. quess i shall just have to try and see.

i'm trying to figure out if the doublet (of about the 1495 mark) can have sleaves a different colour, or even have no sleaves so the puffy sleaves can be the white shirt on underneath???

Here is the back and front of the fabric

here is just the front. The colour is a little more apricot that in the pictures though. its very heavy.


Constance said...

Hey are you home at the moment??? do you know if we are allowed 50/50 linen cotton blend linen. I can't fid any pure linen anywhere

Cathelina said...

As Vanessa said its fine, and if not no one noticed that a lot of my stuff is 60/40 linen/cotton.
Something other than blue might be nice though ;)

Constance said...

oh by the way.

sorry the phone cut out in the middle of spotlight, not sure what that was...

Cathelina said...

Thats ok. I said to dad "the phone's cut out" and he said "yeah, that happens sometimes" and I say "But it cut out right in the middle of our conversation!" and he was just like "yeah, that happens".
So you didn't get called back, lol.