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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Natural Cleaning Products


Ok, So i am certainly a cleaning Freak. (Yes a capital).
I get super upset at poor hygiene and i regularly clean and disinfect.
I also don't like the cost of these products, and also don't like how "chemically" they are.
I would spend $15 a week on cleaning products easily.

I was writing a bio for a book character (as yet unplaced in a story) when i had a look at natural cleaning products on line and home made recipes that are economical, effective and easy.

I wasn't expecting much. I found much!

The plethora of websites, books, blogs and advice was staggering. Many had very similar ideas, others people had commented on with their own additions to improve the original ideas. Many debated the effectivness of Vinegar and compared it to Borax or lemon. Others suggested the use of natural oils to create beautiful smelling products that are just as good.

The advice was super.

I immediately ran out and bought the ingediants and bottles and set to.

I went shopping today (new house), and instead of buying a range of cleaners and odd's and sods. I put a bottle of lavender into the trolley :-)

$10 (yes it was that much)
But it might last 3 years or more if i am lucky. Today i made toilet disinfectant, cleaners, freshener, justing about 15 drops of a mixture of oils, a few  table spoons of vinegar (at $1 per 2 Litres) and water.
It left the toilet bowl sparkeling clean and smelling deliciously edible.

I labeled the bottle and have left it in the bathroom. I nearly went so far as to throw out the aerosol can in there at the moment.

Oh yes, did i mention the other bonus, Reusable bottles and less wastage ....

Very happy!

Thank you to my crazy natural lady (character in progress)



Fanny said...

Have you thought about the "natural" ways there are of washing your hair? As I very recently discovered, you really don't need to buy schampoo to keep your hair clean. It's a bit lika an evil spiral, once you start using schampoo you gotta keep using schampoo to get it clean. But if you get rid of all the schampoo residue in your hair you can actually break the circle! I have not used schampoo for several months and my hair is as clean as ever before! I still have to wash it of course, but I can use natural ingredients (like f.ex eggs) and even if I just rinse thoroughly with water it will actually get cleaner. So even prehistoric man didn't have to go with greasy hair! Isn't the idea of prehistoric people with clean hair refreshing?! :D

Kerrin said...

yeah i've often thought about the chemicals in the products i use, did have a recipe for a universal cleaner for all over the house, but i've misplaced it.
Thanks for the link!

Constance said...

Hi guys,

Yes i have thought about it.... but currently i love my shampoo.... nothing better. I know it sounds hypocitical, but will take a little longer for me to find something that does the same result, smells could and doesn't leave me thinking i have lost a fight with a chicken *grin*

baby steps for me i think. But yeah thanks for the advice. i may eventually get there - never know.

Kerrin...That links is actually pretty good isn't it? has some good advice. There is some more on other sites, i have actually started a new blog (what else would I do..) about it all

So hopefully we shall see how i go. i will be putting up a recipe page and lists and things and *reviews* lol

Anyway best get back to sorting out shit. A regular thing for me.

Thanks guys