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Tuesday, 29 July 2008

A pink Cioppa

My new pink cioppa by Cathelina

What does a sick reenactor do two days before a major event when she realises she doesn't have clothes that are warm enough?
Makes another dress, thats what!

This dress has a bodice that does up with two hidden hooks and eyes (will replace with a nice clasp when I buy one) and a split front skirt

The skirt is eight trapezoid pannels sewn straight edge to slanty all the way around

The skirt is knife pleated to the bodice
This dress is very warm!
This dress is also nice and comfy!
The arm is partially sewn on and I have full movement!

I LOVE my new pink Cioppa


Žabacorporation said...

I love your dresses! I don't prefer this colour, but the robe's just gorgeous.

Einarr & Sigarda said...

Looks great! Listen, I tried to e-mail you about the Bayeux tapestry but there is no e-mail address listed. Could you e-mail me at s.v.b(a) Cheerio, Arda

Kathy Storm said...

I really like the color. You say it is warm so I assume it is wool since you did not specify. I wish I had wool in that color. It looks comfortable and fun to wear!


Cailin said...

The dress is absolutelbeautiful:))) I hope that one day a Florentine dress will be in my cupboard:)